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Riviéra Aquatic Center

The Riviéra Aquatic Center is a summer leisure center operating from June through August. You can spend your leisure time here not only enjoying water fun but also doing sports and playing games. The so called "Rivec" is ready for you!


The Riviera aquatic center comprises a cascade of three brand-new stainless steel pools installed in an artificial river bed which was built in the former blind channel of the adjacent river. The depth of the entire pool corridor is graduated and its total length is as many as 390 meters which makes it truly exceptional. Its first part is the wading pool which is up to 120 meters long. From here, the water flows on to the non-swimmer pool having the form of a gentle 135 meters long river cove. The last part is intended for swimmers who will appreciate especially the pool's length of another 135 meters! Also available on the premises are extensive grass areas.
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Sports Ground

A newly built beach volleyball court, pétanque field, ping-pong tables, bas skittles.... Just choose any of the venues or try all of them. :-) All necessary sports equipment can be loaned on the premises.
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The playground is designed and equipped for children of various ages - the equipment ranges from a sandpit and a slide to various types of swings and seesaws. Our little visitors will surely by happy in the shade of the surrounding trees.
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At least four refreshment stands located in different parts of the center are ready to serve you. You can have a sit-down at the very heart of the aquatic center, near the playground or at a quiet place away from the busy pools.  There is a wide range of reasonably priced drinks and meals...
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Other Equipment

Its extensive premises make our aquatic center one of the largest in the entire country. You can choose any type of sports or relaxation activity. Freely available on the lawns are sun loungers and parasols for you to use. Comfortable changing rooms with spacious lockers are a must. You will be missing nothing in our center. :-)
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History Of The Building

The history of the Riviéra compound goes back to the early 19th century when a classicistic spa (Badhouse) building was built by Dr. Baier. However, the intention of building a bath and spa center was not very warmly received by the Brno citizens and the complex was therefore subsequently sold to serve other purposes. The Riviéra center had then gone through a range of changes and changed hands several times which reflected badly on its condition. In 2006 our company took over the entire aquatic center. Since then we have been trying to prepare something new every summer to make the relaxation there even more enjoyable for the citizens of Brno.

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