Riviéra Aquatic Center

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Outdoor Wading Pool vypuštěno°Cvypuštěno°C

Our baby visitors can have a lot of water fun in our huge outdoor wading pool. It is 120 meters long with the depth ranging from 5 to 40 centimeters and it can entertain as many as one thousand children at a time! Newly installed here are water cannons, a bucket tree and fountains.

Outdoor Non-Swimmer Pool 8,0°C8,0°C

When continuing downstream, you will find our non-swimmer pool (for as many as 787 persons) having the form of a gentle river cove. It is 135 meters long and its bottom slopes gradually offering water depth ranging from 120 to 150 centimeters. Here you can find our biggest water attraction – an eight meter high and fifteen meter long water slide. For your relaxation, there are water benches with hydro aeration and pool spouts.

Outdoor Swimming Pool 8,0°C8,0°C

The last part of the pool corridor is intended for up to 475 swimmers who will appreciate especially the size of the pool with its 135 meter length offering water depth ranging from 150 to 170 cm. Situated on the grass areas around the pools, there are freely available comfortable sun loungers for you to use.

Changing Rooms

Comfortable changing rooms with spacious lockers are a must at a swimming pool.

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