Riviéra Aquatic Center

Monday - 29.5.dnes otevřenoposl. vstupnávštěvnost
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Beach volejbal 09:00 - 20:00 19:00
533 033 800
(Po-Pá 8:00-15:30)
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If you want to reward your employees and you are not inspired enough about the type of benefit, we have a convenient solution.

The alternation from relaxation on one side and various sport activities on the other are optimal combination for increased efficiency of your workers and their general satisfaction. Therefore your contribution in this direction sounds like a logical choice. Our services in Water Park Kohoutovice, City Swimming Stadium Lužánky, Spa and Relaxation Center Rašínova, Swimming Pool Ponávka, Outdoor Swimming Complex Riviéra, Outdoor Swimming Pool Zábrdovice and Ice Rink Za Lužánkami and Ice Rink City Hall Vodova are more than enough to satisfy all your requirements.

You can define the benefit by making a choice out of forms mentioned below:

  • Reservation of the pool (whole/partial); at disposition only for your workers at agreed hour
  • Purchase of topped up chip wristbands
  • Providing financials out of Social and Cultural Fund (coverage of chip wristbands and gift vouchers)
  • Ticket Benefit Card (EDENRED); usable for entrance fee purchase by no means for food and beverages 
  • Mon- Fri Dual Family Pass (an adult and a child 6-14years): a 10 % discount on the initial price
    Mon- Fri Senior Pass: a 10 % discount on the initial price
  • Multisport Card
    - Adults, Daily Pass/ Morning Pass: Client is obliged to pay the refundable 100 CZK deposit fee. On the way out (if earlier than 2 pm) the client gets a 100 CZK cashback
    - Children, Daily Pass/ Morning Pass: Client is obliged to pay the refundable 50 CZK deposit fee. On the way out (if earlier than 2 pm) the client gets a 50 CZK cashback

For more information do not hesitate to contact us by telephone: 533 033 830 or by email: sedlarova@starezsport.cz.
For an invoice issuance you can reach us by email: sekaninova@starezsport.cz. Please specify the amount, name and surname, billing information and lastly name the center where you wish to top up the chip after the money has been wired.

Gift voucher

Gift voucher

  • A gift suitable for literally everyone.
  • Vouchers could be swapped for chip wristbands which give you a chance to enjoy services in our seven
    sport centers.
  • Each and every one of our sport centers has a voucher selling point.
  • Voucher expiration date is 12 months from the moment of purchase. They are not exchangeable for cash.


What is a chip wristband?

A chip wristband (an electronic chip on a wristband) can be topped up with any amount of money (credit). The admission fee is deducted from your credit for the time spent at the venue in accordance with the conditions specified in the admission price list. You can also use your prepaid credit to pay for various services offered at the venue. 

Chip wristband online sale and credit recharge

Acquirement terms and conditions

Additional info on chip wristbands

I want to spare

Chip wristbands can be used at 8 of our sports venues
and in addition you get a 20% discount for the each admissions!!

Discount applies by topping up your credit with a minimum amount of CZK 1000.

I want to spare